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Find a Distributor

California Tattoos sells exclusively through Promotional Product Distributors.
Please contact your distributor for Quote Requests and Sample Requests.
To find a distributor in your area, contact any of our Regional Sales Representatives for a referral.

West Coast Branded Solutions - WCB

Daniel Sachs:
[email protected]
Melissa Mouradian:
[email protected]

S2 Marketing Group

Steve Rater
[email protected]
Steve Seifert
[email protected]

Bridge Marketing Group - BMG

Cory Schroepher:
[email protected]
Richard Schmidt:
[email protected]
John Bugle:
[email protected]
Rich Curtiss:
[email protected]

Mexico and Latin America

Eleva Tu Marca:

[email protected]

Jules Scheck & Associates - JSA

Jules Scheck:
[email protected]
Jason Bickoff:
[email protected]
Beata Miller
[email protected]
Matt Riehl:
[email protected]

Northwest Region - NW

[email protected]

MLR Alliance - MLR

Tony Tuso:
[email protected]
Julia MacDonald-Ward:
[email protected]
Bill Reisack:
[email protected]
Erich Braun:
[email protected]

Use the chart below to find the Regional Sales Representative in your area.

Alabama S2
Alaska WCB
Arizona WCB
Arkansas MLR
California WCB
Colorado MLR
Connecticut JSA
Delaware JSA
Florida S2
Georgia S2
Hawaii WCB
Idaho NW
Illinois BMG
Indiana BMG
Iowa BMG
Kansas BMG
Kentucky S2
Louisiana MLR
Maine JSA
Maryland JSA
Massachusetts JSA
Michigan BMG
Minnesota BMG
Mississippi MLR
Missouri BMG
Montana NW
Nebraska BMG
Nevada WCB
New Hampshire JSA
New Jersey JSA
New Mexico MLR
New York JSA
North Carolina S2
North Dakota WCB
Ohio WCB
Oklahoma MLR
Oregon WCB
Pennsylvania JSA
Rhode Island JSA
South Carolina S2
South Dakota WCB
Tennessee S2
Texas MLR
Utah WCB
Vermont JSA
Virginia JSA
Washington WCB
West Virginia JSA
Wisconsin BMG
Wyoming NW