Glitter Black Windy Design Band Temporary Tattoo

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size: 9" x 1.5"
SKU: GLI-4187

Glitter Black Windy Design Band Temporary Tattoo
This "waves" temporary tattoo became popular after World War II. In Japan, the waves symbolize overcoming challenging circumstances and overcoming difficulties with determination. It became popular as Japan regrouped, rebuilt, and overcame the devastation after the war. Today, it still symbolizes the ability to overcome obstacles with fortitude and determination. This endearing temporary tattoo is ideal to give as a gift to someone who has overcome difficulties, or to celebrate your own determination in overcoming obstacles. It also makes the perfect fundraising item for sale after a devastating event, such as to raise funds for tornado victims, fire survivors, or even returning veterans from foreign wars. It makes a great arm band temporary tattoo, ankle band, or adornment across the lower back.
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