Elevate your holiday celebrations by adding a personal and memorable touch with custom drink coasters. These coasters go beyond surface protection, offering a canvas for personalization and brand promotion during the festive season. Tailored designs for occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving make these coasters stand out, providing a unique touch to your events and making them more memorable for everyone involved. Businesses can leverage these custom coasters to spread seasonal cheer, displaying logos, greetings, or offers, fostering a deeper connection with clients or guests. Moreover, these coasters double as conversation starters, featuring fun facts or holiday-related content, encouraging engaging interactions and laughter among guests. Whether for a home gathering or business event, these versatile coasters enhance the holiday spirit, protecting surfaces while creating lasting impressions and fostering meaningful connections. Cheers to festive fun and creating memorable moments during the holiday season!


In 2023, California Tattoos is not only renowned for its innovative temporary tattoos but also stands out as a major manufacturer of pulpboard coasters. Coasters are a popular promotional item due to their impactful branding in event marketing, immediate recognition, and attention-grabbing design. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and often become collectibles. California Tattoos offers several advantages, including U.S. manufacturing, competitive pricing with a low setup fee, high production capacity, a low minimum order of 250 pieces, and the potential for consistent repeat orders, making them an ideal replenishment product. In summary, California Tattoos' coasters combine branding power, eco-friendliness, and versatility, making them a valuable addition to any marketing program.


California Tattoos stands out as a superior provider in the promotional product industry, offering high-quality and distinctive tattoo products that elevate businesses and impress customers. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their products, particularly their meticulous adhesive placement and use of Skin-Safe FDA compliant inks. Their unique adhesive placement minimizes excess adhesive, providing a more comfortable and professional experience for clients, resulting in a cleaner overall appearance. Additionally, their prioritization of safety and compliance with Skin-Safe FDA compliant inks ensures the tattoos are free from harmful substances and allergens, giving clients peace of mind. The 'Made in the USA' aspect further supports the local economy while maintaining stringent quality control, ensuring superior results. California Tattoos offers a unique opportunity for promotional production distributors to provide outstanding tattoo products that surpass industry standards, thereby enhancing their offerings and reputation. Partnering with California Tattoos unlocks a range of promotional possibilities, standing out from the competition and exceeding client expectations.


Custom coasters have evolved beyond mere tabletop protectors, becoming powerful marketing tools across various themes, including sports events. Particularly for sports enthusiasts, these coasters hold a special place, allowing fans to express their fervor for their favorite teams and players. The personalized designs – featuring sports like tennis, baseball, and golf – spark conversations and camaraderie among attendees. Moreover, from a business perspective, these coasters offer valuable branding opportunities, enabling companies to align their brand with sports enthusiasm and promoting products or services effectively. Furthermore, these sports-themed coasters can serve as keepsakes, offering attendees a tangible memento of the thrilling sporting event, elevating their significance beyond their practical use.