You know us for our trend-setting, innovative temporary tattoos that work wonders for your customer’s brands, but did you know we’re also one of the industry's largest manufacturers of pulpboard coasters?!

As a promotional item, coasters are extremely popular mostly due to their branding impact in event marketing. They’re simple to use, are instantly recognizable and never fail to capture people’s attention. As a branding vehicle, they’re highly visible and offer the opportunity for tons of marketing impressions.

Coasters are also an eco-friendly item because they’re easily recyclable, but not before first making a powerful first impression…and, for some, they’re even collector’s items! Just ask Leo Pisker of Langenzersdorf, Austria. Leo holds the world record with more than 150,000 beer coasters from 192 countries! Now that’s brand reach!

So with all this said, why our coasters? What added value could we possibly bring to your customer’s marketing program? Well, our capabilities offer some pretty remarkable advantages:

We manufacture right here in the U.S.A., in Tucson, Arizona to be exact – the official drink coaster capital of the U.S. (well, we just made that up).

We’ve made pricing so easy! Just one flat price for both sides in full-color… and a ridiculously low setup of only $20.00(C). Yep, you read that right. Ask most other suppliers what their 2nd side charge is…and that additional setup! So, we invite you to shop us around...we’re sure you’ll appreciate our competitiveness.

We can imprint 2,000,000 coasters every week! While your customer may not need that many, there’s comfort in knowing we’re more-than-capable of getting your project done right.

While we can make a lot, that doesn’t mean your client has to order a lot. Just 250 pieces is our minimum. That’s incredible flexibility from an offset printer.

Coasters make the perfect ‘replenishment’ product. If you sell to the food & beverage sector, you know they need a consistent, reliable supply source. Just like their napkins or straws, coaster orders mean continuous (read: profitable!) repeat orders for your business.

So let’s recap – coasters are popular, well-known and recognized powerful marketing vehicles, offer twice the branding impact, are recyclable, hit any promo budget, are collectible and just plain fun. And California Tattoos is an industry leader, thanks to you.