Wondering what is the meaning behind a semicolon? A symbol popularized by Amy Bleuel after battling depression, addiction, and difficult personal circumstances, the semicolon tattoo designs stand for survival and life stories that never end. The semicolon punctuation mark is a popular representation, with a lot of meaning behind it. Around the world, many people are getting semicolon tattoos to raise awareness, and as an expression of solidarity against mental health issues, and the difficult phases many of us might go through. Often misunderstood, or perceived just as a punctuation mark used at the end of a sentence, a semicolon tattoo has a lot more meaning than many people might imagine. Although their creation is deeply rooted in the mental health awareness, semicolon tattoos can be also made for honoring a cause or person, or a symbol of the connection between two phases in someone’s life. In other words, the real meaning behind a semicolon is that although something might seem like it is over, there’s still more to come. The story isn't over yet!

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